"Attaboy" to the window installers: A good window install will shed water and save energy.

The flashing tape applied around the perimeter of this window is lapped in all of the right places: under the housewrap at the top, over the housewrap at the bottom, and bridging the flange and housewrap on the sides.

At the top of the window, the housewrap is lapped over the window flange and the corners are taped to seal against water infiltration. Flashing tape along the sides covers the window flange and seals it to the housewrap, which will keep water out. Placing the bottom flange outside the sill flashing and housewrap allows any water that does get into the rough opening to escape.

What you cannot see in this photo is that the perimeter of the window is sealed with canned foam on the inside for an airtight seal. The canned foam will stop air leaks around the perimeter, but especially along the bottom edge, where the nailing flange is left open to drain.

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