Not including Superstorm Sandy, it has been more than 10 years since a major hurricane struck the U.S. This "hurricane drought" is good news, of course, for coastal property owners, but as Coastal Contractor reports, it has some unsettling implications.

When the next big storm finally does hit, the consequences could be surprisingly severe—not because storms are getting worse, but because more and more Americans are potentially in harm's way. For example: "The Associated Press reports Florida’s coastal communities have added 1.5 million people and almost a half-million new homes since 2005, the last time there was an onslaught of storms," the Post observed. "The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projects that by 2020, the U.S. coastal population will have reached 134 million people, 11 million more than in 2010."

Hurricane-Proof Modular Home Can Stand Up to Sandy-Strength Storms
Modular Hurricane-Proof House is Ideal for Coastal Areas and Beyond

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