Noted California architect Michelle Kaufmann is set to reveal a new entry in her line of prefabricated houses, only this model will generate more power than it uses.

MkLotus is a zero-energy green-built home that will live so light on the land and the grid that its meter will spin backward during periods of light energy demand. The fourth in a series of prefab houses designed by the architect-others include Sunset Breezehouse, Glidehouse, and the mkSolaire-mkLotus will be unveiled at the West Coast Green residential green building conference later this month in San Francisco where it will be open to show attendees.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to design such a hands-on example of a green home that will help educate people on sustainable, accessible solutions that they can implement in their daily lives for a big impact on energy bills, well-being, and our environment," Kaufmann says.

Built by Oroville, Calif.-based XtremeHomes, an environmentally focused, modular and prefab home builder, mkLotus will be constructed using sustainable materials and will include features such as a green (sod) roof, an integrated solar array, rain and ground water collection systems for outdoor irrigation, and an interior graywater system that will recycle water from sinks and showers and re-circulate it to the toilets.

Michelle kaufmann's new zero-energy green-built prefab home.
Michelle kaufmann's new zero-energy green-built prefab home.

"This home, as well as all of our designs, is part of our goal of making thoughtful, sustainable design that is accessible to more people," Kaufmann says. "We are prepackaging green solutions to make it easy for people to go green."

The house will be constructed using structural insulated panels-a building system that consists of expanded foam insulation sandwiched between two sheets of plywood and oriented stand board-and will incorporate natural textiles, and eco-friendly interior furnishings. Other notable green features include on-demand tankless water heaters, LED lighting throughout, and reclaimed materials.

The West Coast Green Conference & Expo runs from Sept. 20-22 at the Billy Graham Auditorium.

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