Nathan Eigenfeld is building an 8x6 mobile home in which to live during a ski trip.

In advance of a long-awaited ski trip to British Columbia this winter, 27-year-old Nathan Eigenfeld is in the process of building his own 8x6 mobile home, in which he plans to live from January to March. He began the building process with no initial design, a $3,000 budget (later increased to $4,500), and no building experience -- other than a recent Ph.D in mechanical engineering.

Eigenfeld, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Colorado at Boulder, has recently finished constructing and insulating his trailer’s exterior. His initial plan was to make “a metal box [he] could sleep in”, but he has since “splurged” on double-pane windows, a hardwood door, and pine paneling. Now he plans to furnish the inside with a wood-burning stove and other amenities.

"I'd say I have no substantial construction experience, but with some common sense and YouTube you can do a lot," he said. "It's definitely a learning process, because just about every single step of the process is a first try, so that can add some serious anxiety and frustration."

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