Since the NAHB Research Center began certifying green homes and land developments, we have been tracking local, regional, and state incentives that are available to builders and buyers of projects certified to the National Green Building Standard (NGBS). Below are just a few examples of the incentives available across the country.

Florida Miami-Dade County will expedite all building permits for green buildings certified by the NAHB Research Center, the USGBC, and the Florida Green Building Coalition. Volusia County established an incentive program that fast tracks permits and reduces fees for the construction and remodeling of green buildings certified by the Research Center, USGBC, Green Globes, and Energy Star. The program expires in 2012 or when the funds are expended.

Missouri Under the Missouri Qualified Allocation Plan for Low Income Housing Tax Credits, homes that are certified under the NGBS receive priority status to credit availability. This is a significant incentive given ongoing competition for low-income housing tax credits among developers.

New Mexico The New Mexico Qualified Allocation Plan for Low Income Housing Tax Credits awards 18 points for projects with a commitment to obtain Build Green NM Certification, which is largely based on the NGBS but administered by Build Green NM. The state also adopted a Sustainable Building Tax Credit that provides up to $11,000 for a Build Green NM Gold-level certified home.

New York In September 2009, Gov. Paterson signed into law the Residential Green Building Grant Program that provides generous financial incentive to encourage residential construction of new homes and the substantial renovation of existing homes pursuant to the NGBS or LEED for Homes. The program includes new single-family homes, new multifamily homes with up to 12 units, and substantial renovations of existing homes.

Nashville, Tenn. The Nashville Codes Department offers a green building permit to recognize projects that “demonstrate responsible, quality construction with respect to energy efficiency, environmental impact, and reductions in the use of shared municipal resources.” Applicants for this permit receive expedited processing as long as they include documentation of their intent to have their project certified to the NGBS. After construction is completed and inspected, applicants receive a green use and occupancy certificate.

A complete listing of incentives related to NGBS certification can be found at If you are aware of additional incentives that are currently or should be tied to certification to the NGBS, please contact the NAHB Research Center at

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