The digital home offers much more than just slick audio and video entertainment, which is why New Orleans–based Home Automation Inc. (HAI) developed two new energy-efficient products that can be run through its automation system and promise to save home buyers money on their energy bills.

Thomas Pickral, HAI’s business development manager, says the first product is the Omnistat2 thermostat.

According to Pickral, the new thermostat has an algorithm that calculates how much run-time it takes for the thermostat to reach the homeowner’s ideal temperature.

He says most standard mercury thermostats will overshoot the ideal temperature by a degree or two when the homeowner turns on the thermostat, using more energy than is necessary. By constantly calculating the most efficient run-time for the homeowner’s ideal temperature, the Omnistat2 uses less energy, says Pickral.

“We estimate that home buyers can save 3 percent to 5 percent on their monthly energy bills,” says Pickral. The list price for the Omnistat2, which started shipping last month, is $280.

The second new energy-saving product from HAI is its Load Control Module (LCM). Instead of running the hot water heater all day, the LCM lets the owner program the home’s hot water heater to be on only during peak hours. The typical homeowner would program the hot water heater to run roughly three hours in the morning and five hours in the early evening through 10 p.m.

By running the hot water heater only one-third of the day, home buyers can save up to 10 percent on their energy bills, Pickral says. The LCM started shipping in February and has a list price of $235.

MONTHLY PAYBACK: HAI estimates that the Omnistat2 can save home buyers 3 percent to 5 percent on their monthly energy bills.

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