Prefab homes continue to change our minds about building as consumers realize that prefab doesn't necessarily equate to low quality. Some of today's prefabricated homes are even more durable than traditional structures. In this case, Curbed's Jenny Xie rounded up some stylish and strong prefab houses that can withstand strong winds and, in a few instances, Category 5 hurricanes.

The five homes range from a 560-square foot home available for $36,400 to $54,800 to a 2,443-square-foot option for around $238,960. One company featured is Deltec, a company with homes that have been proven to weather the storm. None of the over 5,000 homes built in the company's 48-year history have been lost to or majorly damaged by hurricanes or high winds—Deltec homes have been tested against Hurricanes Hugo, Sandy, Katrina, Ivan, Andrew and Charley.

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