DEMILEC (USA), a provider of spray foam insulation for energy-efficient building designs, has joined GE, LP Building Products, Lennox, Owens Corning, and Shaw as a sponsor of the Environments For Living program offered by Masco Home Services, Inc., a Masco company (NYSE:MAS).

The Environments For Living program is designed to assist builders in constructing green homes using the principles of building science, including energy- and water-efficient construction and methods for improving home durability and indoor environmental quality. The program is performance-based, rather than checklist-based like most major green programs, and helps builders construct homes that are more comfortable and durable than those built using conventional methods.

"DEMILEC USA's goal is to help provide better-insulated, more energy-efficient homes - a mission that fits nicely with what the Environments For Living program seeks to accomplish," said Robert Naini, Director of Engineering for DEMILEC (USA). "Our spray foam products help create tighter homes, both saving energy and promoting healthier indoor air. And DEMILEC (USA) is ready to assist consumers in their efforts to obtain heating and cooling energy guarantees through the Environments For Living program."

"We're continuously looking for the top product manufacturers in green building," said Stephen Davis, Regional Building Science Advisor for Masco Home Services. "DEMILEC (USA) provides a range of pour-in-place and spray foam insulation products, including insulation made from renewable resources such as soy and recycled plastics.