Winter is a tough time for northern U.S. builders, who must deal with snow, ice, and frigid temperatures that slow down construction and bring callbacks from buyers. Luckily, proper building techniques can help alleviate many weather-related problems, and our sister publications, THE JOURNAL OF LIGHT CONSTRUCTION and TOOLS OF THE TRADE, have plenty of advice on best practices for cold climate construction. 

So as winter storm Juno prepares to bear down on a large part of the country, here are some articles related to the challenges of cold-weather building to keep your spirits up, and let you know you’re not alone in the battle against Mother Nature. (And take this to heart, Northeasterners: Snow has an R-value of 1 per inch on average, meaning that 12 inches of snow have roughly the same insulating value as a 2x4 wall filled with fiberglass insulation.)

An Ice Dam Analyzed

Installing Radiant Snowmelting

Steep-Slope to Low- Slope Transitions

Does Snow Insulate?

Snow Loads on Roofs

Monitoring Home Performance

Solving for Comfort with a Smart Thermostat

Staying Warm on the Job

Futuristic Cold-Weather Work Gloves

Thermacell Heated Insoles