The Building America (BA) Program, sponsored by the DOE, is a research and development project for the enhancement of energy performance of new and existing homes. For more than 15 years, this program has been working with builders and remodelers to evaluate and adopt energy-efficient products, designs, and construction practices.The goal of the program is to achieve net-zero annual energy use in new homes by 2020. The Research Center is striving to create cost-effective solutions for energy-efficient homes and continues to solicit partners for our BA team.

The current program has three components. It:

  • Works with builders, remodelers, and other partners from the design phase through construction to build prototype energy-efficient homes;
  • Takes the lessons learned from the prototypes to enable the construction of communities of energy-efficient homes;
  • Researches and develops individual systems to reduce the whole-house energy use.

By using a systems engineering approach to home building, BA forms teams of architects, engineers, builders, manufacturers, material suppliers, community planners, mortgage lenders, and trade contractors to develop better coordination and communication in the design and construction of new homes.
Building America offers a number of services to assist partners with designing and evaluating their next generation of products including:

  • Design and engineering support to help builders achieve the biggest energy-efficiency bang for the buck and to make sure the house works as a system;
  • Assistance with identifying new products and practices that will enhance the energy efficiency, durability, and comfort of new homes yet remain in keeping with current practice and the demands of a current client base;
  • Connection with other BA industry partners to provide information about new products on the market and design assistance for integrating new products into current practice;
  • Documentation of estimated energy performance by a professional third party;
  • Assistance with developing support materials to help sell the added quality of new high-performance homes.

For more information about joining the Research Center’s BA team, complete the form at