Housing news this week ranged from the unexpected (who knew Toyota built homes?) to the tragic, as a Georgia builder is charged with murder after shooting a drywall contractor he thought was a copper thief. It’s a sad and desperate story, as too many housing stories are these days.

Happily, the Wall Street Journal’s story on Toyota and its prefab housing operation is neither. Quirky and entertaining, the piece provides a peek into a future world that will open your mind and make you wonder what might be possible.  Just consider this: “The car maker is testing an electricity-monitoring system in its homes that would charge the vehicle during off-peak hours to keep utility bills low, while the car's battery can serve as an electrical backup, powering the home during blackouts. Toyota engineers are also experimenting with using solar panels as house siding and powering homes with fuel cells, which combine hydrogen and air to produce electricity.” To me, it requires imagination to simply picture such a scenario, much less dream it up and push it into research and development.

But it’s also incredibly inspiring to see an example of such innovation and integration. As too many Americans wince at the pump and reconsider their decision to move to a new home in the suburbs, isn’t it time to think about some new ideas ourselves?--Alison Rice

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Boyce on Building: Turn for the Worse

Conversations at last week’s PCBC conference, coupled with recent builder surveys, indicate that new home sales took a turn for the worse in the last several weeks, choking cash flow and imperiling the lives of more home building companies. Almost at the same time, high-profile builder bankruptcy filings began to escalate. Which leads to the most frequent question I get right now: Is every private builder out there on the ropes today? http://www.builderonline.com/blogs/postdetails.aspx?BlogId=thompsonsblog&postId=84898

Housing Crisis

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Business of Building

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Affordable Housing

New Jersey Likely to Adopt Affordable Housing Reform: http://www.builderonline.com/affordable-housing/new-jersey-likely-to-adopt-affordable-housing-reform.aspx N.J. Housing Rules Deplored: http://philadelphia.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/stories/2008/06/30/story2.html?f=et180&b=1214798400^1659912&ana=e_vert

Have You Heard?

Builder Faces Murder Case http://www.ajc.com/search/content/metro/stories/2008/07/01/copper.html

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