Four years ago, ABC Green Home went on display as an example of building a home to net zero energy requirements. By the time it was dismantled, 30,000 people walked through it. Now that we're only four years away from California's requirement that all new homes be built to net zero energy standards, ABC Green Home is making a comeback.

Southern California Edison sponsored the first home, paying for the $300,000 worth of building cost, and brought in high school kids to build it. The original home is being reconstructed in Santa Ana.

There are five other homes in the works, two in construction in San Gabriel Valley and Fullerton, and three more that are currently being planned. These five ABC Green Homes are being sponsored by Green Homebuilder and Habitat for Humanity. They will showcase green building methods that answer builder's pressing questions around insulation, drywall, HVAC, plumbing, etc. to help get builders' homes to meet the net zero energy requirements. Eventually, the six homes will be sold to disabled veterans through Habitat for Humanity.

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