The list of new-home benefits is long and varied. Here are the features that successful builders say they use to take aim at resales:

  1. Greater energy efficiency.
  2. Lower operating costs.
  3. Brand-new appliances and building products.
  4. Compliance with modern building codes for greater safety and efficiency.
  5. Warranties on products and workmanship.
  6. Higher ceilings.
  7. Larger, more open rooms.
  8. Customization: owner’s choice of colors, finishes and floor plans.
  9. No need to renovate or remodel.
  10. Less maintenance.
  11. Fewer repairs.
  12. Fire safety features.
  13. More and newer technology.
  14. Cleaner.
  15. No unknowns as far as damage or maintenance problems.
  16. Less formal layouts.
  17. Less wasted space.
  18. More storage space.
  19. Specialty rooms like second laundry rooms and pocket offices.