The new-home and resale markets may be slow, but the bloggers are as busy as ever. Need your fill of home building industry insight and commentary? Here's the latest word on the Web.

This Wall Street Journal blog takes a look at a Corona, Calif., couple, who ceased making mortgage payments in June, yet managed to purchase a new Lexus and Chevrolet Suburban--sans money down.

The Housing Bubble blog takes on foreclosures in Culpeper, Va.; migration to Philadelphia and the resulting rush-hour traffic jam all the way down to Reston, Va.; the glut of new-home inventory in Delaware; and the New York-New Jersey spin on the housing downturn.

Check out how builder incentives and lack of disclosure to county agencies have led to a distorted view of new-home prices.

While many have taken on part-time jobs in retail, Orange County, Calif.'s Realtor population could drop by as much as 15% in 2008.

If you thought a peak in foreclosures would signal a good time to buy, think again.

A razor-sharp look at industry events, with a sense of humor to match.

An entertaining look at viral growth for the holidays, featuring the founder of Re/Max.