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Do Americans need bigger homes or less stuff? The Wall Street Journal delves into the U.S. storage crisis.

While home prices are on the decline, the Housing Bubble blog predicts a less-than-stellar year for Central Florida's new-home sales in 2008.

Seeking Alpha turns its eye toward 2008, consumer confidence, and the bottom of housing's downturn.

According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, as reported on John Lansner's blog, housing industry job cuts were up 450% in 2007 while non-housing cuts dropped by 21% for the year.

Celebrating its 200th post and first 1 million visitors, Dr. Housing Bubble takes a retrospective look at the housing market.

The Inman News blog likens the actions of Bernanke to those of a pilot negotiating an emergency landing --waiting until the last possible moment to eject and save both himself and the multibillion-dollar aircraft.

BusinessWeek's Hot Property blog identifies the five stages of market grief market grief and applies them to the world of housing.

Reggie Middleton's Boom Bust blog graphs data from Professor Shiller's Web site in an attempt to put the current market correction current market correction in historic perspective.