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The Wall Street Journal blog turns its eye toward the wave of baby boomers hitting retirement age in 2011 and the potentially detrimental impact on the housing market.

Based on tales from Ohio to Staten Island, the Housing Bubble blog predicts we still have a-ways to go before we hit the bottom.

In light of a board member's recent resignation letter, Seeking Alpha posits that Home Solutions of America may be close to going belly-up.

John Lansner tracks new-home sales and pricing changes in Orange County, Calif., from 1989 to 2007.

Dr. Housing Bubble crunches Southern California's recent DataQuick numbers to show that the downturn's effect on median home prices in the region is now mainstream and significant.

The Inman News blog looks at the effect a lack of investment confidence in the mortgage market could have on a lender's ability to raise capital--and thus on a prospective home buyer's ability to obtain a loan.

BusinessWeek's Hot Property blog speaks with a former Countrywide insider about the merger with Bank of America and the potential clash of corporate culture.

Reggie Middleton's Boom Bust blog tracks Ambac Financial Group's possible ratings downgrade from Moody's and subsequent Thursday morning stock price plunge.

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