Hawaii's housing market is getting pretty tight. The cost of land has sky-rocketed, and since it's an island, the availability of land is becoming a problem. Natalie Schack dives into the tiny home trend for Honolulu Magazine to find if these little abodes could be the future of Hawaii living.

Tiny Pacific Homes and Elevate Hawaii are hitting the market with tiny homes that fit an on-the-go, sustainable lifestyle with roughly 300 square-feet of usable indoor space with vaulted ceilings and lofted beds. Even a multifamily developer just received approval to start the first micro-unit apartment development.

However, Schack points out that while shows on HGTV are promoting the tiny home living as a relaxed, affordable getaway option, Hawaii hasn't fully accepted the movement. A lot of red tape is preventing people from putting the tiny roots of their tiny homes down. However, Honolulu City Council did recently approve Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), which grants land owners the ability to have a tiny home on their existing property as a secondary living unit. Schack notes its useful for Millennials who can't afford to move out or those looking to make some rental income.

As small doors open, it looks like the tiny house movement could change the landscape of Hawaii's housing market.

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