As the day gets longer, and the weather warmer, many buyers have come back to the home markets in the search of their dream home in February. By virtue of dirt cheap mortgage rates, buying a home with a bigger loan also appears to be more affordable than before. But where are the hottest places that people are searching for homes? staffer Cicely Wedgewort has the answer. Wedgewort writes,

To find out where in the country has the best availability (good for buyers) and the highest demand (good for sellers), our chief economist Jonathan Smoke and his team assessed our data. They used the number of listing views by market as an indicator of demand and median days on market as an indicator of supply. This analysis led to the identification of the 20 hottest medium to large markets in the country—where listings are viewed two to five times more often than the national average, and homes move off the market 44 to 78 days more quickly than elsewhere in the U.S. They have also seen days on market drop by a combined average of 7% year over year.

The top 20 markets are:

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. San Jose, CA
  3. Dallas, TX
  4. Denver, CO
  5. Vallejo, CA
  6. San Diego, CA
  7. Santa Cruz, CA
  8. Santa Rosa, CA
  9. Stockton, CA
  10. Oxnard, CA
  11. Sacramento, CA
  12. Los Angeles, CA
  13. Boulder, CO
  14. Modesto, CA
  15. Eureka, CA
  16. Portland, OR
  17. Nashville, TN
  18. Colorado Springs, CO
  19. Palm Bay, FL
  20. Tampa, FL
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