America is facing a housing shortage that has pushed rents and sales prices out of reach many Americans, but not to worry, everyone's cars will at least have a roof over their heads.

Census data shows 24% of new homes in 2015 included garages for three or more cars, for nearly 150,000 homes, a figure higher than the number of one-bedroom apartments in the same year.

The trend is mixed. One in three house hunters said they wanted a three-car garage, which could account for more multi-generational houses with additional drivers, or people who just want extra storage space. On the other hand, Uber and public transit could be encouraging some drivers to ditch the cars.

It’s hard to escape the irony that the U.S., which will need something like 43 million new housing units to keep up with population growth in the next 35 years, is using space to build apartment-size garages, even as trends in ride-sharing and self-driving cars cast a measure of uncertainty on American car culture.

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