Creating model homes in virtual reality doesn't require a whole team of tech gurus at each of your homes. All you need is a little cameras to shoot 360-degree photos and videos. Wired rounded up three affordable cameras that do just that:

Samsung Gear 360
With two fish-eye lenses, the Gear 360 captures the scene in 4K video or panoptic stills. The videos can be uploaded on a Samsung phone and put into Gear VR for quick and stunning results. Unfortunately, Samsung has not yet released the price on this one.

Ricoh Theta S
A fish-eye lens on each flat side of this rectangular camera creates 360-degree photos and HD video. When it's connected to a computer, it can also live stream the video feed. $350

360Fly 4K
The 360Fly 4K is for those unique, adventurous tours. The waterproof action camera with ultrawide-angle lens faces the sky to captures 4K imaging of everything around and above it. $499

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