Workers at the East Coast Greenway Alliance have been working on a life-long dream to connect the forests for Northern Maine with the Sunny Tip of Florida with a 3,000-mile-long bike trail.

The project started in 1991, and so far the organization has completed 850 miles of the trail, or just 30% of the intended greenway. By 2020, the Alliance hopes to add another 200 miles to the trail.

With a demographic shift away from cars, more residents are looking for easier ways of commuting to school and work, via walking paths and bike routes. The East Coast Greenway Allianece hopes to ride the demographic wave to complete the project.

Well over 10 million people use the Greenway annually, and as the national and global mentality shifts toward one of greater connectivity, the appeal of traversing the East Coast by one simple mode of transit will only grow.

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