Cities are now being seen as the world's innovators, with clever ideas to fix local problems with an often limited budget. For this reason, city leaders' opnions are being taken more seriously than ever before.

CityLab polled a group of bi-partisan mayors across the United States to find out what they need from the next President of the United States to meet the challenges of their local governments. Below are a few responses of the eight CityLab received:

Smarter infrastructure projects: “What we need most from the next U.S. presidential administration is increased federal support for infrastructure and infrastructure projects. These public investments improve quality of life for all residents. They also provide a solid foundation for continued economic growth and can be highly effective in combating climate change, especially if these projects are done with a smart cities-philosophy of using data and technology to create highly efficient and low-carbon footprint projects.”
Mary Casillas Salas (D), Mayor of Chula Vista, California

Economic growth and jobs: "As mayor of the rapidly expanding City of North Las Vegas, I hope to see our next president further policies that allow local and state economies to grow, particularly in the manufacturing, distribution and health care sectors, as those are where our city has seen the most transformative development. I want our partner in the White House to be as proactive as our city has been in creating jobs for residents and opportunities for businesses to expand and sell their products globally, in promoting economic growth to support our schools and hospitals, and in ensuring safe, quality neighborhoods for all of our citizens.”
John J. Lee (D), Mayor of North Las Vegas, Nevada

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