The floods near Baton Rouge, Louisiana are only the most recent happenstance of the many floods to break international news in the last few years. With rising sea levels, coastal cities have more to worry about than ever before.

That's why these seven global cities are implementing new ways to mitigate the effects of eventual flooding in the future.

Japan's seawall is, perhaps, the most ambitious. The $6 billion project calls for new and updated concrete barriers along 250 miles of Japan's coast that in some areas reach 40 feet high.

New York City and Miami have their own plans, with New York implementing a 10-mile-long protective system of landscaping and barriers that can double as public spaces. Miami, a common victim of king tide events, already suffers from rising sea levels and increased flooding. The city is raising its streets and installing more than 80 pump stations to mitigate flood concerns.

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