Are millennials really going to change the world? According to Gallup CEO Jim Clifton, the answer yes, and in very profound ways.

Clifton makes the case the Millennials are natural born disruptors. When they see something that doesn't make sense, they get frustrated and want to find a way to make it better. They're powered progress and development, not the status quo.

In this article, Clifton identifies six fundamental ways Millennials are going to change the way we work, and how companies can start altering themselves to follow their lead. The crux of these changes are in their differences from previous generations.

  1. Millennials don't just work for a paycheck. They want a purpose
  2. Millennials are not pursuing job satisfaction. They're pursuing development.
  3. Millennials don't want bosses. They want coaches.
  4. Millennials don't want annual reviews. They want ongoing conversations.
  5. Millennials don't want to work on their weaknesses. They want improve their strengths.
  6. Millennials don't see work as a just a job. They see it as their life.
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