Last Monday through Wednesday, leaders of 50 of the nation's leading 200 home building, investment, and strategic advisory companies met in Miami at the BUILDER-Metrostudy Housing Leadership Summit with a single purpose in mind: to focus on your teams--to celebrate, challenge one another, and stir new ideas as to how teams can transform our businesses into the vital, adaptive, and sustainable profit engines they need to be for the future of housing.

The biggest challenge, going into the conference agenda, was whether we, as an industry, can begin to think differently about thinking differently.

From an opening advisory-board roundtable of company presidents and ceos who expressed guarded optimism, awareness of speed-bumps, clarity of accountability for what they can control vs. what they do not impact; to the expansive insights and pronouncements of Zelman Associates principal Ivy Zelman on the strength of fundamentals and the urgencies around attending to supply's role in sparking demand; to the CEO power panel that reaffirmed demand for communities backed by locational edge, deep market knowledge, and differentiable value in each submarket cluster; to the team-driven knowledge dives around operational excellence, design-centric strategy, high-performance market positioning, value-proposition led real estate and product development, technology-fueled development and audience interface; external-partner supported programming; and culture-based operations--HLS audiences engaged in high-level, high-energy, and high value conversations on matters they could each take back to their offices and put into action.