Millennials look for stepping stones and employment growth opportunities in their careers, which is why 93% of the demographic born between 1980 and 1996 leave their current employer in order to change roles, say Gallup editor Amy Adkins and Brandon Rigoni, Ph.D., Associate Director for Selection and Development at Gallup.

They are the generation most likely to change jobs. A Gallup report titled How Millennials Want to Work and Live found 21% of millennial workers had switched jobs in the last year, a number that is more than three times higher than non-millennials who report doing the same. Six in 10 Gen Y-ers say report being open to different job opportunities, which is also the highest percentage among all generations in the workplace.

Millennials are a flight risk, making it vital for organizations to understand how to engage and retain these employees. On the flip side, millennials' willingness to switch jobs and companies presents a substantial attraction opportunity for organizations.

So what job attributes do millennials look for? Among millennials, Gallup discovered that the top five factors are:

  • opportunities to learn and grow
  • quality of manager
  • quality of management
  • interest in type of work
  • opportunities for advancement
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