One of every three product searches begins at Amazon. The Seattle online shopping database has attracted consumers with its platform for easy at-home purchases at lower price points. But what is Amazon doing to traditional retail stores? With Amazon taking at least one-third of potential customers, many are finding that their businesses are slowing down and profits are falling in light of modern shopping technologies.

Alex Berg, director of strategy and analytics at Fell Swoop, discusses strategies for businesses in the shadow of online shopping corporations like Amazon in a contributed article on Fast Company. As stores begin to close and businesses operate at fewer locations, well-planned flagship stores will serve as galleries for brand merchandise.

Berg says service design will be the key to survival in the Amazon era:
With the in-store experience becoming an extension of the digital we can expect to see changes to store layouts, point-of-sale technology, way-finding, and more. Such changes won’t happen successfully without someone who understands the implications of the complete customer journey from pixels to parking. This role will oversee a team of designers across different fields and will draw from a variety of disciplines, but will have its taproot in consumer research. Charged with more than just conversion gains, they’ll also be accountable to customer loyalty and brand regard.

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