What do you look for when finding a place to settle down and raise a family? A 2014 study based on seven metrics (median income, cost of living, housing affordability, commuting delays, percentage of families owning a home, crime rate, and education quality) highlights the U.S. cities that are best for raising a family with young children.

1.    Grand Rapids, Michigan
2.    Boise, Idaho
3.    Provo, Utah
4.    Youngstown, Ohio
5.    Raleigh, North Carolina
6.    Poughkeepsie, New York
7.   Omaha, Nebraska
8.   Ogden, Utah
9.   Cincinnati, Ohio
10.   Worcester, Massachusetts

Scroll over highlighted states in the interactive map below for a breakdown of five of the seven metrics in the top 10 cities.

Source: RealtyBizNews, Top 10 Cities for Raising Children

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