Groundhog day

Groundhog Day 2016.

For some, the rites of spring conjure a primal and raw set of sensations. The sound of a baseball snapping against leather. The green that grass is in April and no other moment. The softly bitter wind swirling through a bath of warm sunlight.

We've got a Spring Iowa Caucus on the books, and a Spring National Football League extravaganza, complete with Death Wish Coffee and two zillion recipes for chicken wings, on tap, and we've got, literally, hundreds of new new-home neighborhoods about to grand open, a rite of Spring Selling we'll see kick into full-gear on Presidents Day weekend, a week hence.

And, for home building companies' managements, analysts, chief finance officers, and operations chiefs, we've got the annual BUILDER 100 Survey.

For some companies, ranking among the nation's leading home building organizations qualifies as a unifying point of pride, an emblem of a team culture intent on leading, winning, being among the best at what it does.

Some companies, via their BUILDER 100 listings, validate their case for investors and lenders, showing a track-record of performance that sets one operator apart from another, based on best-of-breed practices, ability to excel under challenged circumstances, an outlier investment opportunity.

For still others, distinction as a BUILDER 100 company may go straight into the marketing program as a reputational emblem of reliability, of dependability, of trust.

Your annual participation in the BUILDER 100 survey is also a huge opportunity to learn--to learn what company data and competitive intelligence can not reveal--about the directional trends gaining traction in house type, in design, in community features and amenities, in square footage, in price, and, most importantly, in geographical and demographic segmentation uptake on the new-home opportunity.

That, in itself, makes the BUILDER 100 data gathering and reporting a matter of material interest to everybody who wants to know more about how the housing economy is faring, what it should be responding to, and where the opportunities may lie in the near and longer term future.

Please participate in our survey. If you need a few extra days to assemble the data, just ask and we'll make provisions for you. The deadline's coming up, and we're counting on you to count yourself among the leaders in this amazing business.

Happy Groundhog Day. Click here.