Amy, Andrew, Andy(s), Aubrey, Aurora, Austin, Ben, Brad(s), Brian(s), Bryan, Caitlin, Carol, Cathy, Cha'Mia, Charlotte, Chelsea, Chris(es), Chris, Christine, Clayton, Craig, Curtis, Daisril, Dana, Dante, Dave, Dian, Donna, Ed, Erin, Frank, Glenn, Helena, Holly, Jacob, Jeffrey Jennifer(s), Jess, Jim, Kassie, Kathleen, Kathy, Kenny, Laura, Lauren(s), Laura, Laurie, Leah, Jason, Jerry, JoAnne(s), Joel, John, Kaitlyn, Kari, Katie, Kayla, Keilah, Les, Lori, Maggie(s), Maria, Marnie, Martin, Matthew, Meagan, Megan, Mercedes, Michael(s), Napolean, Nickie, Paige, Patrick, Pattie, Paul(s), Peter(s), Phillip, Ray, Rebecca, Rick, Rizwan, Rob, Roe, Rosie, Ryan(s), Samantha, Sarah, Shawn, Sheila, Spencer, Susanna, Ted, Tiffany, Tim, Toby, Todd, Tom, Trow, and Tyauna.

These names are just a few of the reasons we can come to you daily, and with the commitment level that we do, to try to help you make wiser, more precise, more gratifying decisions as workers and leaders in this business of building houses and making homes and forming communities. The names here are the team I turn to every moment of every day for thoughts, initiatives, ideas, inspirations, the raw material, and the finished product.

If you met them, you'd envy me my job. I work with people who are passionate, funny, and focused. Their focus is on you. The work you do, as you know, is noble work. It's work for something so basic that there's only one good word for it. Home. You make it worth our while. So, thank you. Happy Thanksgiving, all, from BUILDER Pulse, from Metrostudy, and from Hanley Wood.