Highway access 44%
Trails 36%
Sidewalk on both sides of street 28%
Park areas 26%
Shops within walking area 19%
Lake 16%
Near public transportation 15%
Day care center 14%
Business center 10%
Basketball courts/Soccer fields 9%
Card-operated gate 7%
Baseball/softball fields 6%
Club house 6%
Golf course 6%
Security guard at gate 5%
Tennis court 4%
Equestian facilities 3%
Sources: NAHB and The National Association of Realtors

In a mail survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors and the NAHB in April, respondents from 2000 households, who purchased a primary residence within the last two years, ranked the importance of features they considered when deciding on a community.

By Iris Richmond

Published in BIG BUILDER Magazine, June 2002