Things are getting heated between Dropcam founder and former CEO Greg Duffy and Nest chief executive Tony Fadell, both of which are owned by parent company Google, reports Fortune writer Barb Darrow. After Fadell attributed a good chunk of Nest's struggles--it has been struggling to put out new products since Google acquired it--to Dropcam, stating the company is "small and inexperienced," Duffy shot back in a blog post and claimed that Dropcam's revenue would "embarrass" that of Nest.

But these two reportedly aren't the only Google moonshot projects that are feuding. Darrow writes:

On Monday, health and medicine news site STAT reported similar tensions at Verily, Alphabet’s (Google's parent company) life sciences unit. Verily, it said, has lost nearly a dozen top researchers in the last year and is having trouble hanging onto some highly sought after managers, researchers, and engineers. It cited unnamed sources putting much of the blame for this turnover on Verily CEO Andrew Conrad, whom they described as a “divisive and impulsive leader.”

Overall, Google's business problems bring to light the challenges with investing in technology based businesses where the payoff may be in the distant future or potentially non-existent.

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