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Albert Valles Drama Over Los Angeles Sky

When people go on vacation, they imagine their lives briefly just there in that moment, with no worries, no frustration - just relaxation and an unscheduled lifestyle. Who wouldn't want to live in their favorite destination for the rest of their lives?

It turns out, not a lot. In U.S. News Best Places to Live 2016 rankings, the usual vacation spots ranked very highly in terms of their Desirability index, which accounts for factors like climate, culture, and entertainment. However, when the four other factors of Job Market, Value, Quality of Life, and Net Migration were included, the most desirable fell far down the list.

In this article for US News and World Report, Shelbi Austin provides four tips to determine whether a vacation town could actually become a well-suited hometown:

1. Compare the cost of living versus the housing market.
2. Visit in the off-season to make sure you still like it year-round.
3. Check out the job market before you get a mortgage.
4. Determine the quality of life, including commute time, crime, education, and health care.

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