Purpose-driven. Everybody wants to be that these days, thanks to the way consultants have seized on the word "purpose" as a linchpin to meaning and motivation, to health and well-being, to focus and performance.

A Harvard Business Review piece by Nick Craig and Scott Snook affirms this:

Academics argue persuasively that an executive’s most important role is to be a steward of the organization’s purpose. Business experts make the case that purpose is a key to exceptional performance, while psychologists describe it as the pathway to greater well-being.

Doctors have even found that people with purpose in their lives are less prone to disease. Purpose is increasingly being touted as the key to navigating the complex, volatile, ambiguous world we face today, where strategy is ever changing and few decisions are obviously right or wrong.

Need we mention that the phrase emerges almost inevitably when it comes to appealing to millennials--either as talent we want in our organizations or as customers and potential champions of our product and services offerings.

Which brings us to this. What can be a more purpose-driven occupation, career path, business goal, or life-mission than to work developing and building a new neighborhood, a new home?

Clearly, many of the human beings who choose home building as a profession, an occupation, a passion, and a livelihood get that. You don't need a consultant to tell you about purpose-driven; You live it.

Each year, home builders at the individual and company level give millions and millions of dollars, countless hours of time, mountains of materials and people-power, and untold amounts of brilliance and commitment to help people who need help. Less fortunate ones, sick ones, ones pummeled by natural disasters, ones otherwise paralyzed, otherwise hopeless.

Here's an example of a home builder who raised money for a charitable cause and had a culture-building experience doing it. Think Raleigh-based Garman Homes is purpose-driven?

Build It Like a Girl, Alaina Money, Garman Homes, Raleigh

Each year, BUILDER teams up with Hearthstone on the Hearthstone BUILDER Humanitarian Award, which is given to builders whose lifetime "purpose-driven" commitment to public service and helping people in need stands out.

Each year, the stories of these individuals breaks your heart.

That's because the backstories of these individuals stray away from the celebratory spotlight and into the darkness, the hopelessness, the helplessness, despair, and fear of the people our honorees devote themselves to helping.

When you see, in a moment, the face of a person on the receiving end of such bold, single-minded, committed, and generous effort, your heart literally takes a pause from its normal work. It skips a beat.

This is purpose-driven. These are builders, home builders, community builders. Life builders.

We're looking for this year's crop of candidates to consider. Please come forward if you know someone whose story should be told. For telling the story, elevating the conversation can and does do two important things. It lowers barriers and impediments for other home builders by showing them how generosity and humanitarian efforts work, take shape, play out. And number two, more importantly, it shows others of you a part of your own selves, that purpose-driven part, willing to step up, raise the bar, and be that kind of person who'd be willing and able to help those who can use your help.

That's why we hope you'll help us find the people we should consider for the next Hearthstone BUILDER Humanitarian Award. Use this link to make a nomination.