Responsive Home party

The action never stopped, appropriate for Las Vegas.

Our meetings on the show floor, in hallways, in the upstairs office spaces, in restaurants, and hotel ballrooms, boardrooms, and out in the Valley communities were fun, full of energy and determination, and highly informative.

Davos may be a bigger stage for economic goings on, but the vibrance and heart-and-soul commitment we saw and felt and fed from during the past several days in Vegas tells us that the pulse of home building and remodeling and development and the flow of resources from critical partners into it is running strong.

It's going to have to be, as everything from the latest weather disruptions to the continued stock market gyrations to very local issues converge and conspire to challenge that strength and drive.

We're going to take a day or two to regroup, to get our notes and thank yous and follow-ups out, and come back to you Monday with some specific thoughts, impressions, and insights from the week in Vegas.

Thank you for your gracious welcome to the BUILDER and Metrostudy and Hanley Wood team of writers, videographers, event marketers, analysts, sales and content solutions providers, and the big guys.

Our mission is to help you make better decisions and join you in building a better world, with good data and a trusted connection to your priorities and challenges. Back to you Monday.