Ivy Zelman

In one month, Hanley Wood's BUILDER and Metrostudy will host the 30th Annual Housing Leadership Summit, at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, in Dana Point, Calif.

The May 16-18 conference program focuses on Leading Change, and assemble an unmatched group of home building company CEOs, presidents, thought and practice leaders, game-changers, investors and lenders, under one roof, for three days. We'll bring to light the latest exclusive telltale market data, and explore what it means to production home building businesses, and how, as leaders, you can make your teams and your processes agile as you make them valuable.

This year's program line-up, and specifically our high-powered slate of speakers, are wholly committed to shedding fresh light on opportunity--both near- and long-term--amidst the host of challenges home builders face in the day-to-day and over time. Those who've been with us before know that we don't resort to a formula when it comes to our conference program. Every year is different. Every year takes chances.

This year, our program reflects a belief in two assertions. One, is that even if your company is doing well today, it needs to evolve. Two, is that the best way to both learn how and where your company needs to evolve is in connection with other home builders, even competitors. There are four essential "buckets" of content engineered into the program: human capital, land value, process improvement, and, broadly, customer focus.

That's the exclusive value of HLS. It's a connection to peers, and it's a bold conversation on where to head, a GPS, if you will, for the community as a whole.

Take a look at the program we have planned, and who's engaged to be part of it.

Ivy Zelman will be back with us, kicking off the general session proceedings. What better moment than in the midst of Spring Selling Season 2016 to hear from Ivy on her latest harvest of data and insights. She'll update her take on the progress and trajectory of the housing recovery, specifically focusing on the role of entry-level volume and demand in overall growth ahead.

Ivy will also roadmap what the data suggests both for multi-regional public companies and single-market private operators, and, as a special new feature, Ivy will go one-on-one with an executive leader of a private home building company in an "unplugged" conversation. The focus of this spotlight will range from ongoing access-to-capital challenges, to operational advantages, to readying one's company for sale to a public or otherwise creating a succession plan.

Ivy's domain of expertise is three-fold: financial acumen, competitive market intelligence, and operational insight. In a moment, specifically where the first half of 2016 is showing signs of strength--albeit with mixed signals--and the second half looks like a crapshoot, a strong dose of Zelman intel is what the doctor orders.

Metrostudy's chief economist Brad Hunter

BUILDER sibling Metrostudy will be more integrated than ever into the beginning, middle, and end of HLS proceedings this year. From our opening Lightning Roundtable Advisors panel of presidents, CEOs, and leaders, hosted by Metrostudy chief economist Brad Hunter, to our concluding day's sessions, focusing on how to map big data into home sales and how to optimize a land plan for the greatest profitability, HLS attendees will get exclusive, confidential access to Metrostudy's unequaled knowledge base and expertise.

And just as Ivy and her team's work and Metrostudy set themselves apart as a vital, trusted advisory resources in home building, we're introducing three additional guest keynotes whose messages should resonate with volume home builder leaders.

Barry LePatner, Housing Leadership Summit speaker

Barry LePatner, an attorney and author, is one of the most well-connected, informed, and insightful voices as regards a chronic area of pain and risk for home builders and every other part of the construction ecosystem. Central to Barry's research and insight is this: Dysfunction, inefficiency, and capacity constraints are locked into construction workflows because of an imbalance of knowledge that separates labor from management.

Most management's lack of intel on the technical level of difficulties of the zillion parts of a project, or a master plan, or a subdivision, or any part of a residential deal makes putting a value or a price tag on the labor a total guessing game. Each side of the management vs. labor equation tries to take advantage of that asymmetry, which is why many companies are simply unable to model their labor input costs going forward.

Barry's remarks will shoot to the core of home building's ongoing labor crisis and shine a bright light on scenarios and solutions to address it from a pure, better management standpoint.

Leaning in on this notion of Leading Change, we've invited two compelling voices from outside our endemic box of residential construction industry leaders. One, Tom Flick, is a highly regarded force of nature on the issue of identifying prospective leaders and how to nurture fearless, fresh action as a career-development within your organizations. Two, Sarah Milby, vp at fitness and wellness company Grokker, will address what it means and what it takes to make a company a magnet for young adult talent and commitment.

The unheralded but far-and-away most valuable part of the conference, year in and year out, are home building executives--both listed as speakers and ones standing next to you at the coffee breaks and cocktail receptions. Your peers are our true north, and this year, BUILDER and Metrostudy's commitment and promise is to give you three days to learn from one another where to set the bar for your organization. And an action plan for how to get over that bar. Leaders who come to the event tend to like the program, and they really enjoy this location. But, the value above all is this: each other. One insight; one best practice; one tip you might not have thought of yourself can be worth millions. Be there.

Enough said.