fireworks 2016

2015 in housing gave new meaning to the term "labor pain." And yet, the 12 month-period gave birth to an historical consolidation "merger of equals," forming CalAtlantic. And from hem to haw, it continued gestation and expectancy around the largest ever generational cohort of adult Americans.

Too, the year confirmed that a company who made a business empire out of "search," is poised to redouble the size of that empire in the business of "find."


We take a moment to say thank you. Especially for this.

BUILDER December 2015 cover

Five gems of wisdom stand out in the dozen or so years we've been honored to work in your midst. These remarks may skim the surface. You, and your sons, daughters, spouses, and friends may have said wiser, more meaningful things about making a business of making homes and communities for people. But these are ones that claim space in my mind for the character, the spirit, the unique human essence of the people who work to build homes.

David Weekley: "It is not about us."

Larry Webb: "What we do is noble."

Stuart Miller: "We are navigating in uncharted waters."

Bert Selva: "Today's young adult buyers want their own signature style of home."

Tedd Benson: "We can build homes a better way."

From the BUILDER team, and the entire organization at Hanley Wood and its Metrostudy unit, we wish you a happy, purpose-filled, healthy, and successful 2016! We'll look forward to being with you in the trenches for another memorable year of challenge, expectations, and opportunity.