THE NAHB SIGNED AN AGREEMENT with its counterpart in Mexico to build stronger ties between the two countries' housing industries. The agreement, which stems from the “Partnership for Prosperity” alliance established by President Bush and Mexican President Vincente Fox in February 2001, will lead to at least two specific events.

The NAHB and the Mexican building trade group will again co-host the 2nd International Housing Conference of the Americas from Nov. 7–10, 2004 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City. The annual conference will serve as a forum for American and Mexican builders to learn how each other's housing markets work and what it takes to do business in the respective countries.

In December, Hector Aguirre, president of Mexico's National Industry Chamber for Development and Promotion of Housing, will meet with NAHB officials in Washington to learn more about American building practices.

“With Mexico looking to build more than 1 million new homes annually for low- and moderate-income households over the next three years ... Mexico is a great place for NAHB members to explore opportunities for bringing their goods and services to the international forum,” says Bobby Rayburn, NAHB's president.

“On the flip side of the coin,” he continues, “our colleagues from south of the border will have a chance to tap into the booming U.S. housing market.”