Taylor Morrison CEO Sheryl Palmer
Taylor Morrison CEO Sheryl Palmer

Women fill many roles in the construction industry. From marketing and design to building science and executive level positions, female employees impact every area of residential building. Women in the construction industry earn on average 93.4% of what their male counterparts make, still not 100% but well above the national pay gap of 82%. Women are a growing force in the construction industry.

In honor of Women in Construction Week, BUILDER has rounded up recent stories on some of the most influential females in residential construction. Click through to see each article.

Sheryl Palmer, Taylor Morrison CEO

Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki, Newland Communities Chief Marketing Officer

Architect Sarah Susanka

Michelle Desiderio, Vice President of Innovation Services for Home Innovation Research Labs

Architect Adele Chang

Gail Vittori, Co-Director of the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems

Lili Dunn, President of Bell Partners

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