Over the years, thou­-sands of new-home sales associates and sales managers have attended Myers Barnes’ seminars. He’s built a base of builder customers who hire him for consulting, and sales pros who subscribe to his blog. A big part of his process involves scripting to address just about any objection a prospective buyer might have. Barnes has collected “every possible, conceivable script and dialogue,” updated them to apply to current market conditions, and put them together in a new manual called New Home Sales in a Nutshell: Scripts for Success in a Challenged Market. There’s also a section on negotiating.

Barnes says he knows that a lot of people don’t like using a script, but says in reality, “they just don’t believe in someone else’s scripts. Your presentation is scripted. What is sales training? It’s knowing what to say and how to respond in given situations. That’s scripting.”

Organized into sections of the sales process, from meet and greet to follow-up, the book is “a ready reference manual to be kept on the desk,” Barnes says. “If I’ve got an upcoming appointment, [the prospect] is probably going to say, ‘I need to sell my home.’ What do I say? Whatever the scenario is, it’s in the book.”

Barnes also has taken his entire two-day seminar, broken it into 28 YouTube videos, and posted them online. Between that and the 100 sales training blog posts he’ll do this year, it’s a year’s worth of sales training available for free.

“People tell me they don’t have the budget for training,” Barnes says. “For this year, it’s free. I’ve been so blessed; I’m booked through November. So I’m giving it all away, except the book; and if they really don’t have the money, I’ll give them the book, too. I believe we can make such a significant contribution to the industry. It can generate a turn-around if [sales associates and managers] will follow it.”

And if anyone isn’t successful in 2009, they only have themselves to blame, he says.

“For goodness sakes, take advantage of it,” he says. “There’s no excuse now. You’re either a lackadaisical manager or a salesperson without the drive and ambition to succeed.”