TRAINING IS IMPORTANT, but sometimes, the last thing new-home sales professionals want to do is leave the office to go to a seminar. Plus, by the time they get back, they've forgotten much of what was covered.

In September, real estate marketing strategist John Rymer launched, a Web-based training program that delivers weekly five-minute mini lessons to a salesperson's desktop. Each session features interviews with top new-home sales professionals discussing their real-world techniques on topics such as managing follow-up calls, responding to e-mail leads, and handling referral sales.

“We deliver a new segment 52 weeks a year. Rather than drink from a fire hose one day a year, you drink from a glass every day,” says Rymer.

Rymer says the program does not replace other training; it augments it at a minimal cost. An annual subscription is $299, with discounts for groups.

Since he travels the country regularly to meet with clients, he says, it was a fairly simple concept. (He doesn't identify the salesperson's company or market to protect their employers from raiding.) He asks several people the same question and edits their answers down into a segment that's delivered via e-mail every Friday morning.

“There are so many people out there with so much to offer to this industry; it would be a shame to think 20 great sales trainers could say everything there is to say,” he notes. “I've interviewed close to 50 people so far. They've got such great ideas.”

For instance?

“We had a segment on cost-per-square-foot buyers,” he says. “One person asks customers, ‘Would you rather have the house at the best price or the house you want at a fair price?' I wish I'd thought of that.”