With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Nancy Collamer, in a piece for Next Avenue, writes about the importance of giving thanks at the workplace.

Workplace gratitude is uncommon, she writes, but why? In part, there’s the belief that we shouldn’t have to thank people for doing things they’re paid to do. But it’s also because we often feel uneasy about the correct way to say thanks in the workplace.

So here are some tips to express thanks at work:

In addition to simply saying it or writing an appreciative email, Collamer says a handwritten card can have a big impact since they’re a rarity these days. So the next time you want to show your appreciation to a work colleague or someone in your professional network, consider doing it the old-fashioned way. A thank-you card is a heartfelt way to express your gratitude when a co-worker has gone above and beyond, or after the completion of a huge event or project.

Expressing your gratitude doesn’t take much time and, Collamer writes, “will likely prove the highlight of their day — and yours.”

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