Fifty nine percent of Americans regularly check email, take phone calls, and work while on vacation
The last week of summer vacation season is upon us, but is a vacation really a vacation if your work travels with you?

A survey of 1,000 U.S. employees says yes. It's naive to think major stressors of any kind will disappear once basking on a beach somewhere, and Pertino's survey results found that 47 percent of employees were able to relax more while on vacation by keeping some lines of work communication open.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics's American Time Use Surveyfound that on days worked, men worked 8.5 hours on average, while women worked 7.9 hours. Those numbers are in line with Pertino's results that men spent 7 percent more time working while on vacation than women.

Maybe for on-site builders, putting physical distance between them and the job-site allows for more of an "offline" vacation. Problems caused by the heat of the summer (like speedy hydration reactions that make concrete a bear) can cause hang-ups on the job-site, so BUILDER only hopes that those issues can be out of sight and out of mind.

For more dialogue on the data, check out this USA TODAY column opining on the subject of working on the weekend and "unplugging."

SOURCE: Pertino, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012 American Time Use Survey Summary.

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