A recent U.S. Department of Labor finding states that over the next 15 years, more than two-thirds of the overall workforce growth in America will be Hispanic, but less than 1 percent of that growth will be in management.

Last month, in an effort to create a feeder strategy to help diversify the housing industry's employment ranks, The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) and the Home Builder Institute (HBI) formed a branded partnership program dubbed Team Builders. The program gives NAHB member companies better access to ethnically diverse undergraduate students across the country.

Kicking off this month with an announcement at the International Builders Show, Beazer Homes will participate as the inaugural builder sponsor for the Team Builder initiative. Beazer Homes' senior vice president of human resources Fred Fratto says, “Historically, home building has not been a diverse industry. We have been looking for some ways to improve that focus. This program was a great match for us.”

Under the agreement, HHF will identify high-achieving Hispanic college students in terms of course work, interest in the industry, and leadership skills. HHF will then work with HBI to introduce and orient them to the industry and present them as candidates to Beazer, who will identify open intern positions around the country. HHF will provide at least three candidates to interview for each position. With a focus on rising juniors and seniors, Beazer will then choose the candidate they feel is the best fit for each paid, professional internship. Throughout the placement, HBI and the HHF will work closely with students, their families and the sponsoring firms ensure a positive experience.

HBI hopes to continue to extend the program to other builder companies, NAHB members, and even suppliers. Visit www.hbi.org and www.hispanicheritageawards.org for more information.