They were the love generation, then became the me generation, and then morphed into the first generation of helicopter parents. Now, according to this opinion piece by Orange County Register staffer Joel Kotkin, baby boomers are not about to go the way of previous generations as they neared retirement. Think Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. No matter that neither seems to excite millennials, who are the future. This is the now. Kotkin explains:

Right now, boomers – generally defined as those born from 1946-64 – matter more politically than millennials. In 2011, there were 76 million boomers and 79 million millennials. By 2030, there will be 78 million millennials and 56 million boomers. But the millennial edge at the ballot box is diminished in large part because many do not vote. Seniors turn out at over 70 percent, while barely 40 percent of those under age 25 cast ballots.

Boomers have always tended to divisiveness, given their early experiences with both the Vietnam War and the cultural conflicts of the 1960s. The “flower power” generation may have gained the headlines, but most of them years later ended up supporting Ronald Reagan, not exactly a “hip” candidate. They remain divided today.

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