For a lot of recent college graduates, the first year or two out of school and on the job are filled with learning about the workforce and a selected industry. For Jon Schindler, his first year as an assistant project manager for one of the largest custom builders in his area has been filled with lessons.

Schindler took to LinkedIn to share his top 5 lessons from his job-site learning, in hopes people similar to his role can learn from them. These lessons aren't just for the newbies either. Much of Schindler's advice is a good reminder to all in the home building industry.

For starters, it's about respect, communication, and taking pride in your work.

4. Regular communication with the homeowner is imperative
Although I have not yet had a whole lot of experience in this area, watching and listening to the project managers of the company I work for has helped me realize how important it is to communicate with the homeowner. Regular communication with the homeowner helps reassure the homeowner that the project managers are doing the best that they can to build the best house that they can. Answering homeowner questions in a timely manner, making sure that the homeowner is updated on any changes or delays and uploading progress photos to an online portal are all ways that a project manager can help ease the production process along and keep the homeowner happy.

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