This is a shameless appeal for your attention, time, and immediate action.

This is about the 2015 Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Award, and our search for a winner or winners. We need your help, now.

For 15 years now, the Hearthstone Builder Foundation has been writing donation checks--now totaling more than $5 million--to humanitarian initiatives and charitable organizations in the names of our honorees. That money supports incredibly important work, and has poignant effects, gifts that keep giving. Hearthstone donations have saved lives, educated people, aimed at cures for diseases that have eluded, thus far, effective treatment, delivered food to the hungry, offered a flicker of hope to people who’ve grown up and gotten used to despairing.

The amazing team at Hearthstone has funded another $150,000 in awards, cued up to go to the charitable organization(s) of our winner’s choice. Thing is, we have one more sprint to our deadline this week, and we’re anxious to hear from you now about a worthy candidate for this year’s honor.

This award does not appear out of thin air. You and your colleagues in the home building, real estate finance, and development communities are how it happens. Humanitarian motivation often starts close to home, when a family member or part of our extended family or friends is afflicted. Then, that motivation ripples out, beyond personal relations, to society at large, where its multiplier effect counters chronic and acute crises in society, both in the United States and globally.

Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Award winners past.

I need your help to help us find the most fitting individual(s) for this year’s recognition, which we’ll spotlight as part of our proceedings at the Housing Leadership Summit, on May 11-13.

We’ve done a reach-out for candidates through our newsletters and website, and have surfaced several fantastic potential honorees over the past few weeks. Still, I think there are more builders out there, worthy of your nomination, deserving of our consideration.

I’d like to think we will have done everything we can this year, turning over every stone, to identify individuals most worthy of one of home building’s most profound and gratifying distinctions. Any of our honorees can tell you, for all of the awards and achievements they may have earned in their careers as home builders, there’s nothing like the Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Award. It’s one of a kind.

So, step back for a moment, and reflect on why you build homes, and what your work and your vision say about your life. I know from talking to you that many of you build homes because you’re really good people, and you work so that others can live and raise families, and create neighborhoods whose character is shaped by love, and bravery, compassion, and bold new ideas.

Now, take a look at one or two of the following links, to the videos of a few of the past Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Award honorees.

2011 winners
2012 winners
2013 winners

Bryson Garbett - 2013 Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Award Winner

And, our winner last year, Shea Homes ceo Bert Selva.

Tell me that does not make your heart well up with pride, with a joy to be “one of those” kind of men or women. To know we’re all somehow related in this ongoing battle to help others in need is humanizing—it gives meaning to the challenge of having to excel every day in our businesses.

Many of you eat, sleep, and breathe your business, and many of you do more than that, as you journey through life as active members of families, communities, society, and culture.

The countdown to what we all hope will be a Spring Selling Season that reflects the power of your team’s passion, focus, and determination is well under way. So, for just a moment, let’s pause. Let’s think for just a moment of what we really do this for.

Please, nominate a Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Award candidate today.

Here’s how.