Creative Challenge Playa Vista and its marketing team wanted to revitalize the brand and effectively show the blend of modern pace with the traditional notions of friends, families, and neighbors. The urban infill community in Los Angeles had to overcome a controversial 25-year history and ill-defined identity. Built on 460 acres, there will be a projected 5,846 units at build-out, ranging from $285,000 to $1.5 million. The team had to differentiate Playa Vista from all the other communities and home styles on the desirable Westside of Los Angeles.

Inspiration They didn't want to focus on product, but instead chose to market the community's benefits and lifestyle. They identified the needs of the target buyers: sophisticated people ages 35 to 65. In response to the research, the team came up with an internal positioning statement: Create a “New, innovative life by providing an environment that encourages balance and reinvigoration.” This inspired Playa Vista's anchor campaign theme: “The Westside, re-imagined.” They chose to market the excitement of discovery; a sense of well-being tied to a place not a house; a celebration of community; and quality choices.

STRONG SALES: Sophisticated mailings (top) and billboard ads (bottom) were part of the marketing campaign at Playa Vista, where the prospect list once reached 40,000 names. Traffic is currently averaging 700 to 1,000 people a week. Execution The team at Playa Vista had an ambitious timeline: five months from concept to premiere weekend, when prospects were invited to tour Playa Vista and “re-imagine your life at the Westside.” The campaign included:

  • A research phase, which involved lifestyle print ads.
  • Mailings that asked prospects, “are you still interested?” These mailing helped cull a 5-year-old list from 40,000 names to 10,000 names.
  • A highly targeted campaign to convey the re-discovery of urban haven; optimal target-market penetration achieved via billboards, print ads, radio spots, bus wraps, kiosks, banners, and a re-vamped Web site.
  • Results Playa Vista's marketing campaign successfully fused 14 neighborhoods into one cohesive community. More than 8,000 prospects visited Playa Vista during the premiere week and traffic currently averages 700 to 1,000 people a week. Playa Vista was averaging about 12 sales a week, but that number decreased as the available inventory dwindled. As more units become approved for sale, the sales average is expected to increase.