Among the house's greatest features are its spectacular and enviable views. And, as the neighborhood and common landscaping improves and matures, they'll only get better. The home's high-performance windows and patio doors, set along the rear elevation's northern exposure, enable large expanses of glass that allow views from every room without significant solar heat gain into the interior spaces. Some rooms—specifically, the master bedroom and the second-level library—enjoy windows on three walls, delivering an extra element of comfort from additional natural light and the benefit of both far and near views.


  • WINDOWS. Insulated and impact-resistant operable and fixed windows feature simulated divided lites, with wood frames that are certified sustainable. Loewen. Circle no. 163.
  • COUNTERTOPS. Nonporous, quartz-based solid surface materials, used on the loggia and other countertops throughout the house, feature patterns that run through the entire material. Formica Corp. Circle no. 164. 
  • PORCH RAILING. Wood-look but climate-tough Perma Porch railings (HB&G, circle no. 165) feature a cellular PVC cladding over a wood or aluminum substrate that installs like wood systems. Prefinished in white and site-paintable.