WITH THE U.S. FOREIGN-BORN POPULATION swelling by 57.4 percent in the 1990s, the impact of immigration in the home building industry is undeniable. Tapping the massive and emerging Hispanic market is front of mind for many builders and, appropriately, it'll be a topic of discussion at the International Builders' Show this month in Orlando.

Beazer Homes, which has recently undergone new initiatives to address this market segment, has found a grateful and receptive audience. Launching a Spanish Web site in 2002, the company took its Web presence to the community level in 2003 and plans to launch a new portal available only to buyers in 2005.

In the session “Marketing to the U.S Hispanic Homebuying Market,” Marilyn Gardner, corporate vice president of marketing for Beazer, will present some of the company's efforts to reach out to the Hispanic population, some tips and best practices about how to approach this segment, and what has and hasn't worked, as well as the results Beazer has realized from its efforts.

Also speaking at the session will be Tim Coughlin, general manager for Translations.com, a global translations provider. Coughlin will present details on the size of the U.S. Hispanic market, how many marketing dollars are being spent on this demographic across various industries, and how best to tackle a multilingual initiative.

“Builders can get in a world of hurt—both from a cultural and legal perspective—when it comes to translation. It's helpful for everyone to work from a common platform,” says Melissa Morman, COO of Builder Homesite. Morman will serve as moderator for the session.

Also scheduled to speak is Justin McCarthy, head of local sales for Google. His expertise brings light to the issue of the Internet and the targeted searching that the Internet enables. McCarthy will discus how the Internet facilitates low cost, effective, and feasible marketing to very specific, targeted groups, which is not always possible in the traditional world of print.